Ultimate List of Free Synth Samples and One Shots

Having a personal collection of synth samples and one shots can be a treasure trove of musical possibilities for the creative music producer.

The versatility of just a single one shot synth sample can be astounding if you know how they can be manipulated and transformed to do what you want.

Using techniques like time stretching, pitch shifting, layering, chopping, resampling, reversing, and using a sampler to adjust adsr envelopes are just some of the ways you can mold a synth one shot into something fresh and new.

Synth loops can be great for manipulating too. Chopping up a synth loop and playing a new pattern is an easy way to make a synth loop your own.

Another fun option for Ableton users is to use the convert audio to midi feature. Then you can add your own vst to the midi track and choose whatever sound you want!

Cymatics has been making synth loops and synth one shots for a long time so we’ve put together a list of the top five free synth sound kits out in 2020!

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