Getting Your Family and Friends into Drumming

Most people want to share their passion with others, as it’s a great way to learn and double the fun. Unfortunately, though, the world of drummers is smaller than that of guitar players, so we often try to get the people involved that are close to use.

If you’re looking for ways to get your family and friends into drumming, read on to learn about four fun ways to introduce your love of drumming to those you love.

1. Host Listening Parties

One way to get your friends and family into drumming is by hosting a listening party. A listening party will provide your loved ones with an opportunity to listen to your music, try it out for themselves, and mingle with new people in a fun environment. With increases popularity in these times of corona, many people love to attend.

When hosting parties, there are several things you can do to increase attendance and participation. Firstly, offer free food and drinks. Free food is the best way to encourage people to come. You can either make small appetizers, order pizza, or hire a caterer. Just make sure to check with your guests about allergies or diet restrictions beforehand.

Secondly, you can offer other activities at your party. Games, especially those related to music and entertainment, are a great choice for event alternatives. Giving your guests another entertainment option will create a more relaxing and inviting environment. Musical Charades is always a hit!

Thirdly, make sure that you take precautions to protect your guests’ ears. The easiest way to do this is to provide complimentary earplugs for whenever you or another person plays the drums.

2. Offer Free Lessons

Have you ever wanted to try something but didn’t know where to start? Well, some of your friends may be interested in drumming but have no clue where to begin. To help with this issue, you can offer free lessons.

Giving your friends free lessons is a great idea because it introduces them to drumming, and it gives you all a chance to hang out. More so, the lesson is free, so what do they have to lose?

If you are giving free lessons, make sure to get some ideas and that you teach in a fun and nonintimidating way. Being strict, rude, or critical of their performance are sure ways of discouraging your friend from continuing your lessons. So, keep it light and fun!

3. Drum-Related Gifts

One of the easiest ways to get your friends and loved ones into drumming is by gifting them a music or drum related gift. The gift will provide an opportunity for them to learn about the basics of music and drumming without paying a single penny.

More importantly, a music-related gift will be an original present, which will make your gift stand out and show your friend that you put thought into their present. Just make sure that the gift is tailored to their interests too!

4. Invite Them to See Your Favorite Band

Another fun and easy way to get your friend and family interested in drumming is to invite them to a concert! Better yet, invite them to your favorite drummer’s concert to show them what real drumming sounds like! Everybody loves concerts, even if they are unfamiliar with the band or music style.

If you cannot afford a concert, don’t worry. You can look up videos of live-performances online. In fact, this option is great even if you are going to a concert. Online videos will allow you to focus on specific songs and relive your favorite performances.


Getting your friends and family into drumming can be a fun and exciting task. We listed hosting a listening party, offering free lessons, gifting drum-related gifts, and inviting them to see your favorite bands as the four best ways to share your love of drums with those around you.

These four options are sure to spark interest in some of your friends and family members because they are fun, engaging, and pressure-free.

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