Classic hip hop producers like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Havoc, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier all innovated their own sampling techniques and early hip hop productions which to this day hip hop producers have been trying to replicate.

The use of hard hitting kicks on the downbeat and snappy snares and rimshots on the upbeat are one of the defining factors of the boom bap sound. They typically emphasized the drums even further by mixing them “in your face” in the song to really get your head nodding.

And today, the influence of the old boom bap style can be found all over the place, from the popular “lofi beats to chill/study to” to the grandiose productions of Kanye West, they all have roots in that east coast boom bap foundation.

Because of how important the boom bap drum sound has been in shaping what has become the biggest genre in the music industry, we wanted to put together a list of all the best free boom bap drum kits available in 2020, so you can take it back to 1992. 

Cymatics Free Boom Bap Drum Kits

Eternity Boom Bap Sample Pack

When creating Eternity our production team dove deep into researching and recreating the sampling and mixing techniques of classic hip-hop albums such as Illmatic, The Infamous, and Enter the Wu-Tang.

The most important part of the process was making sure to use the same equipment available at the time these albums were made. So we procured the proper equipment and went to town recording everything through 4-track tape recorders and reel-to-reel machines to give them authentic tape saturation and compression that simply can’t be replicated with software.

Here are the Boom Bap Samples found in Eternity:

62 boom bap drum loops

102 boom bap drum one shots

48 vocal samples

30 guitar loops, 22 tape loops & 8 piano loops

19 melody loops + stems & 22 Midi Files

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cobra is one of our most popular free packs, and for good reason. Cobra is an all encompassing hip hop style sample pack, including some more modern drums and samples, it also contains more classic style drum loops reminiscent of the boom bap drum sound.

The guitar and flute recordings are also perfect for chopping and sampling with some boom bap drums. 

Within Cobra, you will find these free samples:

100+ drum one shots

50+ drum loops

29 melody loops

14 trap hi hat midi patterns

24 Midi melodies

5 Midi chord progressions

19 808s

Lofi Toolkit

Lofi hip hop as we know it today originated from the boom bap drum style. Common elements can be found all over when listening to the two styles.

The lofi toolkit has everything you need to get started making lofi boom bap drums and samples.

In the free Lofi sample pack, you will find:

70+ free drum loops and hi hat loops

60+ free drum one shot samples

26 free melody loops

22 free midi chord progressions

Dreams Preview Pack

This pack is a very small taste of one of our most famous premium libraries, the Dreams Vintage Library.

Like Eternity, utilized old school recording and sampling techniques using cassette and reel to reel tape machines.

So don't miss our on grabbing the DREAMS teaser pack for free!

Rhodes Pack

The Rhodes Piano is a legendary instrument and can be found on music of all genres dating back to the early 70’s.

The mellow, relaxing tone of the rhodes is the perfect compliment to a boom bap drum line and was commonly sampled by hip hop producers like J Dilla. We ran some of these loops through the 4-track recorder used to make eternity as well!

In the free rhodes piano sample pack, you will find:

6 tape processed melody loops

4 chord one shots

4 tape loops

6 melody loops

Hip Hop Starter Kit

The hip hop starter kit is another like Cobra that is a cross between a modern hip hop kit and a boom bap drum kit.

It has drum loops, melodies, one shots, and more to fit any style of hip hop, making this a combo boom bap drum kit that can be used anytime you need some hard hitting drums. 

Our free Hip Hop Start Kit includes:

15 full drum loops

10 top drum loops

75 drum one shots

15 basses/808s

10 melody loops

10 Fx

10 Vocal Chants

Life Ambient Recordings

Adding real-world sounds to your tracks is a perfect way to create an authentic, human feel that can’t be achieved with digital synths and sounds.

“LIFE” Ambient Recordings is filled to the brim with recordings including fire crackles, downtown city ambience, crowds, calm ocean sounds, waterfalls, rivers, streams, vinyl crackles, farm noises, and more!

Inside this free sample pack you will find:

150 Ambient Recordings

Cymatics Premium Boom Bap Drum Packs

Deluxe Lofi Collection

When making the Deluxe lofi pack we focused on creating a deep collection of melodic compositions providing the perfect launching point for creating lofi and boom bap tracks.

Filled with the melodic loops of live guitars, dusty pianos, organs, and vintage synths, all processed and re-sampled with cassette and analog hardware emulation, saturating it in those distinct vintage vibes. 

You can spend all day chopping and rearranging these loops to fit with any boom bap drum loop.

Inside this premium sample pack you will find:

98 drum one shots

91 MIDI files

67 melodic loops (e-piano, guitar, synth, piano)

36 bass & 808 samples

36 full drum loops

91 MIDI files

15 vocal chops

13 percussion loops


Hopefully this article has been useful in helping you find some new boom bap samples to create with.

Also keep an eye out as Cymatics is planning on releasing a lot more boom bap and lofi style packs in the near future.

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